As we mature, these updates will be prepared on a bi-monthly basis, and after December 2021, we will eventually write these updates monthly.

Whilst our beginning was not when we would have liked, thanks to ever cautious banks and tougher laws, it’s pleasing to see that our patience is now paying dividends! Here’s a Summary of our total positions (a cautious 2.3% return) because we still have about 60% in cash (I call it a “war chest” in case anything goes wrong and positions us well to buy should another “crisis” develop). The detailed spreadsheet here also has a slightly higher figure but I believe it’s always better to understate our position.

Summary Portfolio For 13 8 21
Summary Portfolio For 13/08/21

Investments, through Interactive Brokers account, are now showing a 5.37% return since we started in April 2021 (so thats about 4 months). This is clearly much better than cash rates and due to having higher gains than losses. The report here shows a balance of $117,367 (a $7,367 increase over the initial cash invested). The best performer is Archer (AXE) with a crazy 178% return in just a few months! They are developing the next generation of minature heat resistance chip and processors that could revolutionise current technology. The sky is the limit for this when you think about an industry worth Trillions of dollars and I have watched Archer’s market capitalisation go from $150M to $540M within months. For some perspective, Atlassian is now worth more than $113B (it was only about $5B when it listed on the NASDAQ) and we know their founders still call Sydney home (making the founder’s holdings worth more than $30B each).

Bell Direct is still lagging but that’s Fund managers for you due to not having their prices updated as quickly as direct shares. However, I am patient and know that, over time, these managers know how to handle the changing economic environment and should do well. However, there are two direct share holdings – A2 Milk and Dusk. Both are currently behind the entry price but I believe their outlook is good and that sellers are being “irrational” again. That’s why we bought them after all – using the old “buy low” strategy. I will look at adding to these if the prices fall further too.

Bell Portfolio 13 8 21
Bell Portfolio 13/08/21

Cryptocurrencies are finally resuming their trends as we are now more than $3,000 ahead (i.e. that’s over a 15% return for just a few months since we started in May) with further momentum still expected. The good thing is that after many lost their money, the media doesn’t talk so much about this but they probably will again and that is probably when it may be good to take some profits (like so many do when the prices rise too fast).

Bitcoin Holdings 13 8 21
Bitcoin Holdings 13/08/21

Here’s some of the prices and I wanted to show you that Cardano (ADA) has been one of the better results recently (that’s 12% in 24 hours!). The others being Terra (LUNA) and Internet Computer (ICP) that helped boost our holdings back above our initial investment of $20,000. Stellar (XLM) price is around 49 cents and the main one that we are still behind on (we first bought at 85 cents but then again at 41 cents) – maybe that will someday be one of the biggest movers as it retraces back to it’s highs? However, I am feeling that we are well positioned to withstand a large range of challenges that still are ahead as Covid and technology will transform the world we live in!

Prices 13 8 21

Crypto Prices 13/08/21

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