The past month was volatile as predicted! From the reports, it’s still pleasing to see that that we managed a positive return despite the overall markets having their worst falls since March 2020 when the pandemic struck.

There will continue to be some challenges whilst economies adjust to the potential increase of interest rates and the fears that consumers will withhold their spending if they are under stress repaying their mortgages? Under a worst case scenario, businesses will not be able to re-hire staff, if customers don’t spend, which in turn reduces employment opportunities to the ones who are probably struggling the most – such as hospitality workers.

Either way, our approach is more forward looking and sticking with businesses that can survive whatever happens and should eventually deliver good results. The traders are looking at generating small and quick returns as often as possbile but also incur both higher fees and taxes (assuming they actually make a profit which often makes it a very dubious excercise and a waste of time). Our approach has lower fees and lower taxes – provided we hold the investments for at least 12 months and offset losses vs gains. The portfolio can be view by downloading the Spreadsheet here.

The Interactive Brokers report, with a monthly return of 1.32%, can be seen here.

Bell Potter report is below (very little changed).

Bell Portfolio 01/10/21
Bell Portfolio 01/10/21

With the Crypto currencies being just as volatile but ended back up again as can be seen below. However, with China trying to ban these, there’s obviously some very large forces working against these for now but we know these battles will takes years to resolve and I doubt China has the power, they think they have, to beat the “free thinking” people around the world.

Crypto Holdings 2 10 21
Crypto Holdings 02/10/21

Here’s the detailed view and it seems the cryptos are on a faster rollercoaster than shares! Of course, that probably makes them a better “casino” to try your luck on but with 1% fees every time we trade, it’s certainly easier said than done – i.e. when trying to make a short term profit. Again, I don’t want to waste my days looking at these for hours on end, to try to earn a living, and still prefer the buy and wait approach over time.

Wallet Holdings 2 10 21
Wallet Holdings 2/10/21


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